Thank you for your interest in Parkinson's UK.

Our vision and ultimate ambition is to find a cure, and improve life for everyone affected by Parkinson's.

The Board of Trustees and its committees take on the challenge of governing the charity with diligence and enthusiasm. We are an eclectic mix of trustees and independent committee members with a wide range of backgrounds and experience, which we draw on to guide and oversee the charity’s work. We are keen to have even broader representation on the Board to bring greater experience in reaching out to and serving diverse communities, and thereby ensure we support everyone affected by Parkinson’s. Successful elected candidates will possess skills and experience that will compliment our strategic themes and direction.

I hope that you’ll get a sense from this short video and the other information on this site, just what an exciting time this is for Parkinson’s UK and how critical these roles are to our success. We’re moving fast now to bring forward the day when no-one fears Parkinson's' and you would be part of the governance that provides the strategic direction and oversight to make this possible. What could be a better reward than that? Our work is that important - we hope you feel the same!

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Mark Goodridge