Annual report

Our work is totally dependent on donations. 2017 was the third year of our five-year strategy which focuses on delivering our work across three themes:

  1. better treatments and a cure
  2. quality services as standard; and
  3. taking control.

Our financial statements now report our charitable activities by these three themes. Our new five-year fundraising strategy, Funding the Future, made a great start on our next period of growth. 

In 2016 we received a total income of £32.9m (2015: £31.5m), with legacy income accounting for £12.4m (2014: £12.9m) of this. During 2016 we saw an increase in donation and membership income which reached £17.3m (an increase of £2.1m from 2015).

We invested £30.9m in our work in 2016, an increase of £97,000 on our 2015 spend. 

In better treatments and a cure we spent £6.8m in 2016. In quality services as standard, we engaged health and social care professionals across the UK by spending £4.3m on quality services such as the Excellence Network. In taking control we invested almost £13.3m (2015: £12.7m) on activities that included local and helpline support, provision of information resources, volunteer-led programmes and the raising of greater awareness.